Thinking with Technology
Module 1 - Targeting Thinking in the Classroom

Purpose of the Modules

The purpose of Modules 1 through 4 is to build a strong, pedagogically sound foundation for your project.

In Modules 5 through 10, you test out the ideas for using the
thinking tools that may work in your project. In Module 11, you finalize your Project Plan, plan for assessment, assessment instrument(s), and then showcase your Project.

During this project-building process, you choose the best tool or tools for the job. Throughout the modules you will evaluate your ideas for using the tools in your project — determining their suitability for your learners’ needs—and finalize which tools you will integrate into your Project Plan. At any time during these modules, or if you know from the outset that a specific tool will not work for your project, you can elect to try out an idea for another project that may fit the purpose of the tool better. If you choose to do this, you will use the Project Idea form for just that one tool.



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