Thinking with Technology
Module 1 - Targeting Thinking in the Classroom

Module 1 - Extension Activity

The following resources are available to you for self-study or as an optional extension within your course.

Step 1: Taking a Look into Two Classrooms

The intent of this activity is to see how thinking skills are embedded into instruction.

Below are two sets of vignettes—one on mathematics and one on nutrition. The classrooms described include a wide range and variety of levels of thinking skills as well as different contexts for learners' learning. 

Read both sets of vignettes and then choose one to reflect upon. Both sets reflect different teachers teaching the same topic.


Grade 3 Mathematics Grade 7 Nutrition


Choose one set of vignettes and think about the differences between the two classrooms. With a partner, answer the following questions. Be prepared to share your answers with the large group. Click here for a digital copy of the questions

  1. Which set of vignettes did you choose to reflect upon, Mathematics or Nutrition?

  2. What kinds of thinking skills did learners demonstrate in each classroom?

  3. Which teacher's classroom do you think was more successful at fostering, supporting, and encouraging learners' higher-order thinking skills?

  4. Considering the classroom that you felt was more successful, reflect upon the following questions:
  • What did the teacher do?
  • What did the learners do?
  1. In which classroom do you think learners were more engaged? Why?


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