Thinking with Technology
Module 1 - Targeting Thinking in the Classroom

Activity 1.6

Step 1: Understanding the Seeing Reason Tool

During this and future activities, we will be using the Seeing Reason Tool to explore what affects thinking in the classroom. The following provides for a basic understanding of the tool space.

Factors involved in cause-and-effect relationships are represented by a square box. The relationships between the factors are represented by arrows of a specific thickness and color to provide meaning:

  • Thicker arrows show a stronger relationship.
  • Thinner arrows show a weaker one.
  • Blue arrows indicate positive relationships (as X increases, Y increases).
  • Red arrows indicate negative relationships (as X increases, Y decreases).


In the diagram above:
The red arrow (decreases) indicates that "As meaningful goal / task increases, blind memorisation of facts decreases";
The blue arrow (increases) indicates that "As meaningful goal / task increases, deeper thinking increases.

By moving your mouse over a relationship arrow, the description of that relationship will appear at the top of the map. By double-clicking an arrow, you can view the full relationship description that explains or provides evidence for the causal nature of the relationship.

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