Designing Effective Projects : Recognition of Learner Work
Recognizing Learner Work


Ways to Recognize Learner Work
Discover ways to affirm and recognize learner work at a classroom and school level.

Classroom Level  School Level
  • Display learner work in passages and hallways of school
  • Display learner work on notice boards of classroom and invite parents and other school personnel to come by and view the learner work and offer positive feedback
  • Have a Parent Night, inviting parents and other family members to recognize learner work
  • Invite experts to view learner performances, debates, or work products
  • Have learners share finished products with a same grade-level class
  • Invite the principal, secretary, or other teachers in to view presentations and be part of the audience
  • Post learner work on classroom websites and invite family, friends, and community members to see the work and send emails to learners 


  • Hold Community Nights where family, friends, and community members are invited to watch presentations, view work products, and see performances
  • Hold Science Fairs, Art Showcases, Literature Nights, Math Nights, and History Fairs where all learners and classes are represented and are able to share work products with the guests
  • Implement a buddy class system to pair older and younger classes together to share work with one another
  • Hold a monthly or quarterly school walk–through where classes are able to visit other classrooms and view the work products of the learners. Provide comment sheets to give recognition.
  • Post learner work on a school website and  invite family, friends, and community members to see the work and send emails to classrooms

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