Designing Effective Projects : Questioning
The Socratic Questioning Technique


Types of Socratic Questions and Examples
The Socratic Questioning technique involves different type of questions. Some examples of these are:

Socratic Question Type 


Clarification questions
  • What do you mean by…?
  • Could you put that another way?
  • What do you think is the main issue?
  • Could you give us an example?
  • Could you expand upon that point further?
Questions about an initial question or issue
  • Why is this question important?
  • Is this question easy or difficult to answer?
  • Why do you think that?
  • What assumptions can we make based on this question?
  • Does this question lead to other important issues and questions?
Assumption questions
  • Why would someone make this assumption?
  • What is _______ assuming here?
  • What could we assume instead?
  • You seem to be assuming______.
  • Do I understand you correctly?
Reason and evidence questions
  • What would be an example?
  • Why do you think this is true?
  • What other information do we need?
  • Could you explain your reason to us?
  • By what reasoning did you come to that conclusion?
  • Is there reason to doubt that evidence?
  • What led you to that belief?
Origin or source questions
  • Is this your idea or did you hear if from some place else?
  • Have you always felt this way?
  • Has your opinion been influenced by something or someone?
  • Where did you get that idea?
  • What caused you to feel that way?
Implication and consequence questions
  • What effect would that have?
  • Could that really happen or probably happen?
  • What is an alternative?
  • What are you implying by that?
  • If that happened, what else would happen as a result? Why?
Viewpoint questions
  • How would other groups of people respond this question? Why?
  • How could you answer the objection that ______would make?
  • What might someone who believed _____ think?
  • What is an alternative?
  • How are ____ and ____’s ideas alike? Different?

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