Designing Effective Projects : Planning Projects
Project Ideas
Types of Projects
Projects are in-depth investigations of real-world topics and issues that are worthy for learners to know and understand. They can incorporate creative role play, construction, ICT, community, and various curriculum topics in order for learners to learn the content and show what they know. Below are examples of projects.

Service learning: These projects often involve the local community and allow learners to apply lessons learned in the classroom to real-world situations. Constructing a plan to clean up the local waterways or designing a playground for the local park are some examples of service-learning projects. View a project plan that integrates service-learning: Don’t Trash the Earth

Simulation/role play: These projects are designed to provide learners with an authentic, first-hand experience. Learners role play another’s persona or immerse themselves into simulated environments that recreate a certain time or place. Simulation and role play are excellent ways to reflect on history, gain multiple perspectives, or create empathy. View a project plan that integrates a simulation/role play.

Construction and design: These projects are based on a real-life need or can be created by a make-believe scenario. They require learners to construct actual models or design plans to create solutions to authentic problems. View a project plan that integrates a construction and design element: Go Go Gadget: Invent a Machine

Problem-solving: These are any projects that require learners to devise solutions to real-world problems. They may include a make-believe scenario or an actual dilemma. The problems may involve a classroom or school issue, such as playground design; a community issue, like wetlands conservation; or an issue of greater scale, such as global warming. View a project plan that integrates problem-solving: The Earth Moves Under My Feet      

Telecollaborative: These projects are online educational tasks. They provide real-world learning experiences while collaborating online with other classes, experts, or communities. View a project plan that integrates a telecollaborative: Wave of Spring

WebQuest: These are inquiry-oriented activities in which some, or all of the information that learners use comes from resources on the Internet. These projects are designed for knowledge acquisition and integration. View a project plan that integrates a WebQuest: Enduring Heroes

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