Designing Effective Projects : Planning Projects
Planning Checklist
Project Plan Checklist

Use this checklist to monitor the quality of your Project Plan.

Targeted Assessment Standards
check box Are addressed in Procedures Comments
check box Are assessed
check box Are appropriate for the duration of the project
Project Goal
check box Describes specific behaviours, knowledge and/or products Comments
check box Can be assessed
check box Focus primarily on meeting broader curricular goals, not on learning ICT skills
check box Require deep understanding
Focus Question—Guiding questions for the project
check box Are open-ended questions with more than one right answer Comments
check box Require higher-order thinking, cannot be answered by simply recalling facts
check box Address assessment standards
check box Go to the heart of the project
check box Are large enough to cover most of the project ’s topics
Content Questions—Fact-focused questions that directly support assessment standards and project goals
check box Have factual answers, where appropriate Comments
check box Support the Focus Question
check box Directly address project goals and assessment standards
Assessment Plan and Assessments
check box Include formal and informal strategies Comments
check box Are ongoing throughout the project
check box Assess higher-order thinking
check box Assess 21st Century skills
check box Can be used by learners where appropriate
check box Use all 5 assessment strategies:
  • Gauging learner needs
  • Encouraging self-direction and collaboration
  • Monitoring progression
  • Checking for understanding and metacognition
  • Demonstrating understanding and skill
check box Address all assessment standards
check box Address the project goal
Procedures: Learner Work
check box Is meaningful Comments
check box Is learner-centred
check box Has a real-world focus
check box Addresses assessment standards and Curriculum-Aligned Questions
check box Requires deep understanding
check box Requires higher-order thinking
check box Requires 21st Century skills
Procedures: ICT Integration
check box Deepens understanding of topic Comments
check box Is integral to the learning process
check box Is reasonable, feasible, and age-appropriate for the targeted learner group
check box Focuses on supporting and enhancing learning
Overall Procedures
check box Spell out all necessary steps Comments
check box Refer to Curriculum-Aligned Questions
check box Address higher-order thinking
check box Address 21st Century skills
check box Include variety of research-based learning strategies
check box Include strategies to meet the needs of diverse learners (adjusting content, varying processes, encouraging learner choices, and so forth)
check box Require learners to take active roles as problem-solvers, decision-makers, investigators, and documentarians
check box Include appropriate amount of time to adequately address all assessment standards and the project goal