Designing Effective Projects : Planning Projects
Plan a Project
Project Design Process
Use these prompts to guide design of your own project-based learning experience.

Project Title

Learning Area/Subject/Grade
Name Time Required

Step 1: Determine specific project goals by using assessment standards and desired higher-order thinking skills.

From your assessment standards and your own high expectations, what is it that you want your learners to be able to know, do, or understand?  
What higher-order thinking skills do you want to target?  
Step 2: Develop Curriculum-Aligned Questions.
What is the focus in those targeted assessment standards, higher order thinking and 21st Century learning skills?  
What Focus and Content Questions will you use to help focus the learning for your learners?  
Focus Questions focus attention on the important learning goal of the project.
Example: Are there rules that affect the way things move?
Content Questions lead to fundamental and specific answers.
Example: How are density, buoyancy, and displacement related? How can you measure volume of irregular solids?
Step 3:  Make an Assessment Plan.
How will you know your learners have met the project goals?  
By what criteria will learners be assessed so that you know that they have achieved the assessment standards?  
What methods of assessment will you use throughout the project in order to inform you and your learners about their learning process?  
What reporting and monitoring methods will you use to encourage learner self-management and progress during independent and group work?  
Step 4: Design Activities.
What scenarios will you develop to provide rich learning opportunities to help learners meet the project goals?  
How can you involve learners in problem-solving investigations or other meaningful tasks that will help answer the Curriculum-Aligned Questions and establish connections to life outside the classroom and address real-world concerns?  

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