The Magic of the Olympic Games

June 2004

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Welcome to our Web site! Come with us to the Olympic Games......

We are a group of Grade 6 learners in Mrs Beal's class. Our group is called "The Olympic clan".This term we are doing a project on the 2004 Olympic Games in Greece. 

As part of our project we have to create a website that compares the Ancient Olympics with the Modern Olympic Games. Our final page needs to answer the question "Has the Olympic tradition contributed to unifying our world?" 

In our groups of four we each had roles.

"Web Builder": John: He knows how to build a website using FrontPage. He is responsible for typing out the                          

"Page content organiser": Mary:Decides on the layout of the various pages

"Graphics finder":Sibusiso: Uses Google images to find suitable pictures for each page of content.

"Evaluation of main question" page: Kurt: We had a brainstorm of ideas and Kurt put the results of this page together.

These are the projects we have done so far.

a Research journal / A powerpoint presentation / A Publisher newsletter / My teacher's instructions

We also looked at our website rubric before we started.

We used a website story board to plan our website.

At the end of our website we completed a group assessment.

We hope you'll enjoy viewing our results!

The Grade 6 "Olympic clan".





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