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On this page we have to answer the question:

"Has the Olympic tradition contributed to unifying our world?"

Our answer to this is NO and YES. The Ancient Games did not, but the Modern Games do.

The Olympic Games have turned our world into a global village. Athletes from all over the world have something to work towrds. When they are chosen for the Olympic Games they feel very proud. The Olympic Games is also a big tourist attraction.

The main ways in which the Olympics has contributed in unifying our world are:

They use certain traditions and symbols that everyone appreciates such as the Torch relay. In the torch relay the Olympic flame is taken on a global journey lasting 36 days through 26 countries. This year it starts in Greece and returns to Greece on August 13th. Everyone gets excited by this.The Modern Olympics adopted the symbol of the flame from the Ancient Olympics in the 1928 Amsterdam games. The flame is lit at a ceremony at the ancient site of Olympia by natural rays of the sun reflected off a curved mirror. 


The Olympic motto states: "Citius, altuis, fortius", meaning "swifter, higher, stronger". This helps to promote goodwill and a common goal

The competition makes ordinary people feel like heroes.

The Olympic flag consists of five rings representing the five continents Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America . he closing ceremony of each games has the mayor of the current host city presenting the flag to the mayor of the next host city.

A relatively new symbol of the Olympic games, the Olympic mascot was adopted at the 1972 Munich games to add the host city's personality to the games and its merchandise.

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