On this page we have to answer the question of :

Does the moon influence my life?

The answer would be yes and no.

No, the moon does not affect my life directly. It does not change or influence how I live my life.

Yes, the moon does affect my life but not directly. It will influence my life with the phases of the moon changing in that it would be better to go camping during a full moon as it will be brighter during the night and therefore easier to see at night while out in the wild.

The ocean tides controlled by the moon would also affect me indirectly in that I would look at a tide table to see when it would be low tide in order to go to the rock pools to catch tropical fish and also maybe when it would be high tide to catch a better surf session at the beach.

To close let us tell you that we learnt a lot about the moon and that it does somehow, without us knowing it, affect our lives.

Wrapped up

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