The moon changes its shape every night in the sky. However it is not the moon changing shape it is just the Earth that blocks out light from the sun causing shadows to fall on the moon giving it a different shape every night. The moon has a circular shape at all times.

The moon goes through eight shapes that are of importance.

When the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth no light is reflected onto it and we see no moon called New moon.

As the moon now gets bigger it is called waxing. We first have a waxing crescent, followed by a half moon and then a waxing gibbous.

The Earth is now between the sun and the moon with the moon getting all the light from the sun and we now see a full moon in the sky.

As the moon now gets smaller it is called waning. We first have a waning gibbous and then a half moon followed by a waning crescent until we go all the way back to a new moon.

The cycle now starts all over again and will last approximately 28 days.

Phases of the moon

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