Designing Effective Projects : Teacher and Peer Feedback
Informal Teacher Feedback


Making the Most of Informal Encounters
Informal teacher feedback can take the place of many different forms. This type of feedback is designed to give learners on-the-spot responses to work they are immersed in at the time. The teacher can use this time to answer questions, provide suggestions, or just check in with the learner to see how they are progressing. Informal feedback can be done in the form of:

Periodic check ups
  • Learners are assigned a few minutes each day to check in with the teacher and go over any questions or ideas they may want to discuss before continuing with the work
A stop by a learner’s desk
  • A short visit with a few learners during a work period to check in on how they are doing, answer questions, and offer feedback
Written responses in a learning log or on the work itself
  • Respond to learners’ entries in learning logs or journals, pose questions, and offer ideas
  • Write comments on tests, reports, papers, and other work products that prompt learners to see mistakes and ask questions
  • Allow learners time to retake a test or find the right answers with some improvement to their original score

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