Designing Effective Projects : Teacher and Peer Feedback
Formal Teacher Feedback


Learner-Teacher Dialogue
Teachers can provide feedback through structured dialogue meetings with specific goals. Dialogue focuses on suggestions and comments along with individualized goal setting on a formal level. Teachers can meet with a few learners a day or a week depending on specific projects, deadlines, and individual learner needs. It is important to set up these meetings in a structured way so both teacher and learner make good use of their time. Below is a list of helpful hints for setting up learner-teacher meetings.

  • The teacher should look at learner work beforehand
  • A checklist or feedback form should accompany the work
  • Comments should be specific to the work and elaborated on during the dialogue
  • The teacher should focus on two to three items that need work and be prepared to share examples on how to improve them
  • Plenty of positive feedback should be shared throughout the dialogue
  • Time for the learner to ask questions and give input should be allotted
  • Learners should be able to take the feedback form/checklist with them at the end of the meeting to use as a reference in making revisions

The main goal should be to meet with the learners two or more times during the course of a project. This way, learners are given multiple opportunities to make sure they are on the right track and make necessary improvements to their work. Using formal dialogue meetings along with informal feedback, learners are protected from failure and set up for success.

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