Designing Effective Projects : Co-operative Learning


Brainstorming Structures
The use of co-operative brainstorming is an effective and valuable strategy that calls upon teams of learners to brainstorm thoughts and build upon one another’s flow of ideas in a safe environment. With creative groupings, learners have opportunities to work together and learn important content at the same time. Dr. Spencer Kagan, an expert on co-operative grouping structures has created a myriad of co-operative grouping structures to use with learners of all ages. The main goal of these structures is to promote:

  • Participation in structured interactions
  • Equal participation
  • Learner interaction
  • Effective communication
  • Co-operative learning as part of any lesson

Through many years of research and training, Dr. Spencer Kagan has refined and developed over 160 structures. All of these give teachers a well planned way to group learners and teach them important content in engaging ways.

Check out Dr. Kagan’s website to read articles and learn more about these brainstorming structures:*

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