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Searching the Assessment Library
Since Ms. Sohn wants to focus on collaboration and self-direction during this project, she wants to find out what assessments are in the Assessment Library on those 21st Century skills. She uses the search feature to look for assessments on self-direction.


After browsing and searching the Assessment Library, Ms. Sohn saves those that will work in her project to her Personal Library, Ms. Sohn saves three kinds of assessments—checklists, rubrics, and scoring guides.  

In her search for self-direction, she locates a checklist to help learners think about their work during projects. Learners will complete this checklist as they work, and Ms. Sohn will use it as a basis for learner meetings.


In her search for assessments on self-direction, Ms. Sohn also finds a rubric for senior phase learners that she can modify to use with her learners.


Ms. Sohn searches for “science” assessments in the Assessment Library and finds a scoring guide for a journal that is part of a project on insects. Her learners will keep a journal for their simple machines project, and she would like to modify this assessment to fit her project.

scoring guide



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