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Prioritized Lists


Analyzing and Prioritizing Information in Lists
Making a list is a pretty simple task, but when a learner is required to order and prioritize the list, higher-level skills of analysis and evaluation are put to use. With the use of ordered lists, learners visually construct information on paper or with a computer. These lists promote collaboration and discussion among learners while they compare their lists and reasoning in a visual diagram.

The Visual Ranking Tool helps learners analyze and evaluate criteria for the decisions they make in forming a list. By ranking lists, learners must identify and refine criteria as they assign rank to a list. While using this graphic organizer, learners can manipulate and order information and visually represent content being learned. These lists can be used to spark debates, create proposals, or to understand the quality of a character in a story. 

This example list comes from the Visual Ranking Project Plan, Grow a Business*. In this project, Grade 4 learners conduct market research, determine product potential, seek funding, and market and sell flowers for Mothers Day. They use Visual Ranking to compare the different flowers they could sell.

Grow a Business Prioritized List

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