IntelAssessing Projects : Checking Understanding
Journal Prompts


Reflecting on Learning
Using the prompts below, ask learners to reflect in their journal about new learnings and their thinking processes. Review the entries to provide feedback, clarify misunderstandings and provide additional lessons if necessary. Also review journal entries at the end of the project to assess understanding. Use the Journal Rubric to inform learners of expectations and assess their ability to reflect.

Prompts: (for intermediate and senior phase learners)

  • This week I learned......... (ask learners to create a concept map here as a variation)
  • How well did you work with others in your group? What role did you take and how did it go?
  • What helped or hindered you in learning today?
  • Reflect on your progress and your efforts, areas of strength and weakness and provide specific examples…….
  • What areas have you really improved on over the past week?
  • What is challenging you right now? Why? What are your ideas for overcoming it?
  • What is puzzling you?
  • Write three questions you still have, two “ahas”, and one suggestion for improvement.
  • What is your opinion about….Why do you feel that way?
  • Connect what you learned today to ……..
  • What thinking skills did you use today?
  • What are you learning about yourself from working on this project?
  • What do you still want to know more about? How will you find out?
Prompts: (for foundation and intermediate phase learners)
  • What did I do? I worked on…….
  • What did I already know? I knew that …….
  • What did I learn? I learned that….., I learned how to….., Give examples
  • What do I still need help with? I do not understand ….., It was really hard to….
  • What do I want to know more about? I still have questions about…..


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