IntelAssessing Projects : Assessment Strategies
Sample Assessment Plans


A table provides a format for describing in detail the processes, purposes, and methods for assessment throughout the learning cycle. The following example is taken from the National Energy Plan* Project Plan within the Visual Ranking Tool.

Assessment Process and Purpose of Assessment
Questioning/ Brainstorming Use questioning and brainstorming to determine how much learners know about energy resources prior to the start of the project and to draw connections to learners’ personal lives.
Project Overview and Checklist Learners use the project checklist to understand where they are in the unit and where they are going, as well as to self-assess their progress while working on the various components of the project. They revisit the checklist throughout the project to help monitor their progress and check due dates.
Research Worksheets Learners use the National Energy Information, Energy Plan Comparison, and Energy Plan Choices worksheets to help guide and assess their research of energy policies, usage, and resources.
Project Journal Learners are prompted at the end of each project step to create journal entries in response to prompts. During meetings review the project journal entries and provide feedback and clarify misunderstandings. Learners use the journals to record new learnings and reflect on their thinking. Review journal entries at the end of the project to assess understanding.
Teacher Meeting Meet with each team at least once during the project to assess the learners’ quality of research and understanding of content. The meeting is also used to provide feedback on current work, clarify misunderstandings, and assist in locating other research resources, if necessary.
Visual Ranking Comments Read the learners’ comments within the Visual Ranking projects to assess comprehension and ability to provide sound reasoning for their selections.
Anecdotal Notes Periodically take notes during individual and group work. These notes support, checking progress and adjusting teaching and learning. Refer back to these notes when conducting the final assessment.
Presentation Outline Review learners’ presentation outlines and provide feedback, suggestions, and corrections before they begin working on their multimedia presentations.
Presentation Scoring Guide Learners use the scoring guide to self-assess and provide constructive feedback to peers prior to presentation completion. Use the scoring guide to assess verbal communications skills, as well as quality of content, design and research, following the final project presentations.


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