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The Thinking resources are useful throughout the course. Refer to them when you are creating your Project Portfolio pieces to ensure you are incorporating 21st Century and higher-order thinking skills.

List of 21st Century Skills
21st Century Skills (DOC; 1 page)
Essential 21st Century skills from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (

Word Lists for Activities
21st Century Skills—Words (DOC; 1 page)

Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy—Categorization of Verbs (DOC; 1 page)

Additional Resources

Blooms Taxonomy: A Focus on Higher-Order Thinking Skills (PPT; 9 slides)

Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy*

Bloom’s/Gardner’s Learner Tasks (DOC; 3 pages)

Task-Oriented Question Construction Wheel Based on Bloom's Taxonomy* (PDF; 1 page)

Write Design: Graphic Organizers*
Various graphic organizers that correspond to the various verbs on Bloom's Taxonomy.

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Model Questions and Key Words

Higher-Order Thinking Skills
Promoting Higher-Order Thinking Skills (DOC; 1 page)

Effective Teaching: Thinking*

Extending Children’s Special Abilities—Strategies for Primary Classrooms*

Quellmalz Framework of Thinking Skills*

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills: Activities at Various Cognitive Levels of Learning*

Faculty Innovation Center : Higher-Order Thinking Skills* (PDF; 1 page)

Habits of Mind
Describing 16 Habits of Mind (PDF; 14 pages)

What Are Habits of Mind? (1)*
What Are Habits of Mind? (2)*

A Thinking Pedagogy: Habits of Mind*

Project Evaluation for 11 of the 16 Habits of Mind*


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