Healthcare Worker
Unit 2: ICT at Work

Interactive Picture

Part of Ms. Singh's job as a government healthcare worker is to teach young people different ways they can take care of their bodies and stay healthy. What might be a fun and interesting way for her to do this? One way is to use a computer to make a picture that is interactive, or that changes when a user performs an action such as pressing a key or clicking the mouse. How might you design an interactive picture for Ms. Singh?

plan it Plan It

Create an interactive picture of the human body that explains how to take care of each part of the body whenever you put the pointer over that body part. Look at the following example:

interactive diagram
Interactive Picture Example

See this interactive picture in Excel format

Think about the following questions, and discuss your ideas with your
partner. You might want to write your ideas on a sheet of paper. You might also want to draw a simple outline of a human body to help you plan your picture.

  • Where might you be able to find a picture of a human body that you can use for your picture?
  • What parts of the body are most important to take care of? (Try to think of at least five.)
  • How can people take care of each one of those parts of the body?

Remember to use the rubric as a guide as you plan, do, review, and share.

For help on how to do certain skills, look at the following groups in the Help Guide:

  • Graphics Group 3: Making Changes to Pictures and Photos in Microsoft Paint
  • Spreadsheet Group 2: Selecting Cells, Rows, and Columns
  • Spreadsheet Group 3: Using Worksheets
  • Spreadsheet Group 4: Adding and Working with Information
  • Spreadsheet Group 5: Changing the Look of Information and Worksheets
  • Word Processing Group 5: Adding Pictures to Your Pages

do it Do It
  1. Find a simple picture of the human body that you can copy and use in your picture. One without labels or lots of other words or lines would work best. To find the picture, you might look in the Clip Art Gallery. (For help, see Graphics Skill 3.15: To copy and save a picture from the Clip Organizer. ) You might also explore the Internet to find the human body image you want to use for your picture. (For help, see Graphics Skill 3.16: To copy and save a picture from the Web.)
  2. If you find a picture you want in the Clip Art Gallery, copy the picture. Then launch the graphics paint software and paste the copied clip art picture into a blank painting. Resize the paint canvas as needed so it is as big as the clip art picture. Then, save it to a folder where you and your partner can easily find it later. If you find a picture on the Internet, you can right-click the picture and save it directly to a folder.
  3. Start the spreadsheet software, and open a new, blank spreadsheet.
  4. Give Sheet 1 a new name that describes the picture that you are about to create.
  5. Highlight all the cells in the worksheet by clicking the gray box directly above the row 1 heading and to the left of the column A heading. If you are using Microsoft Excel*, change the width of all columns to 2. If you are using Calc*, change the width of all columns to 0.2 so that the cells look like small squares.
  6. Insert the picture of the human body into the worksheet's background. (For help, see Spreadsheet Skill 5.14: To add a background picture to a worksheet.)
  7. If you are using Microsoft Excel, notice that the same picture is placed side by side in the worksheet background. Since you will be using only the first picture in the top-left corner of the worksheet, select the column headings to the right of your picture, and fill those cells with colour. Then, add the same fill colour to the rows below that first picture.
  8. Decide which body part you and your partner want to label first. Select a cell over that part of the picture, and then insert a comment or note. (For help, see Spreadsheet Skill 4.11: To type a comment in a worksheet cell.)
  9. Delete any words that may already be in the comment box. Then on the first line, type the name of that body part. On the lines below, type information that explains how to take care of that body part. Change the look of the words in the box.

  10. Challenge: Make the comment or note box bigger or smaller, depending on how much information is inside. You can also change the border width and colour, and add a fill colour. (See the Interactive Diagram Challenge Example at the end of this section.)

  11. Continue selecting cells and inserting comments to label and explain how to take care of at least four other parts of the human body.

    Challenge: Challenge: Make a text box in an empty space to the right of the picture. Then, type a sentence or two that explains how to use the picture. Feel free to change the look of the words and the box. (See the Interactive Diagram Challenge Example at the end of this section.)

  12. Save your work as directed.

interactive diagram challenge
Interactive Picture Challenge Example

review it Review It

Look over your interactive picture. Make sure it has the following elements:

  • Picture of the human body with different parts that are easy to see
  • At least five parts of the body labeled with a comment or note box that also contains information about how to care for that part
  • Worksheet name that explains what is found in that sheet

If any elements are missing, add them now. If you want, make other changes, as well. Remember to save your work when you are finished.

share it Share It

Be prepared to discuss your answers to the following questions:

  • How could Ms. Singh use your picture to teach children how to care for the human body and stay healthy?
  • What was the most useful skill that you learned today?
  • For what other subjects or topics could you make an interactive picture?
  • How is this activity different from other spreadsheet activities that you have done?

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