Teaching Language with Multimedia

This is what happened:

The teacher planned llessons that were integrated with each other and came to call this the WORKBOOK APPROACH. Each lesson became an integrated part of another lesson. For example, in the study of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the language lesson on ‘power words’ would be derived from Macbeth. This would include creative writing, drama so on and so forth. It would also lead to using media i.e. learners would have to record on CD or audio cassette news bulletin, weather report, advert and a letter to the editor using their set-work as a resource. It appears very common place but, to establish links with every lesson is demanding and requires innovative thinking. Furthermore, learners were encouraged to make their own movies on the setwork relative to the times they live in. This allowed for the classroom to be a springboard for the world outside it. The idea to use film in the classroom was inspired by the reading of Andrew Hart’s Understanding The Media – A Practical Guide.

Themes: Content, Community


Dewey once said that school should be like life itself. This project embraces that spirit entirely through the use of a variety of media in the language class. It is an excellent example of content being created in a variety of media and a very unique way of incorporating the community in the classroom.

This project won this South African teacher a Peers Commendation at the wordwide Innovative teacher Forum event in 2006.

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