Campus Research

This is what happened:

The teacher integrated IT literacy with Life Skills. The project was a term-long research project which he had done with his Grade 8 class over the previous couple of years. As 13/14 year olds, the learners are quite vulnerable to peer pressure and the temptations of being teenagers, so one of the teachers aims was to give them the opportunity to think about their stance on some key issues facing them. The scenario was as follows: “Your group is an Ad agency. You must devise a poster to deal with (the use of alcohol) at the school.”

Themes: Content, Community


This project makes excellent use of ICT in a number of fairly conventional ways to enhance the learning experiences.

The greatest value of this excellent project is that the learners are deeply engaged in research and developing a communication strategy for their peers on critical issues. The poster campaign that they produce is a good example of one of the many possible media that can be used for creating useful content. This content is directed and of value to their community of peers. It is a community service.

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