Photo CD

This is what happened:

Instead of the school producing an expensive printed school magazine every year, this teacher thought of developing a Photo CD. Each learner had a space on this CD to which they could send examples of their best work during the year. The result was a digital school magazine on CD. This CD was not only much cheaper, but could be copied and posted to extended families worldwide.

Grade 00-3 learners were paired with Grad 6 and 7 learners in a buddy system. The older learners helped the younger ones with their selections and the uploading to their CD spaces.


Themes: Content, Community, Collaboration


This project is a good example of two themes. In creating this CD the learners were directly involved in developing the content of their school "magazine'.

The more portable format meant that the CD could more easily reach all members of the school's community.

The collaboration between older and younger learners was also an example of collaboration.


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