Conversation Classes

This is what happened:

This teacher, with the help of a colleague, took photographs in the community and used these to create a website on the school network. These photos were the topic for conversations in the language class.

The teacher introduces the topic for that week and invites the 7 learners to discuss it as a group. Each learner is encouraged to give his / her ideas and opinions, and to listen to and comment on the ideas and opinions of classmates.

Over time, this process of thinking, articulating and listening – based on topics which are of interest to them – will began to expand the minds of learners, to make them more aware of themselves and the world around them, and more predisposed to hear what others have to say.


Possible Theme: Community


This is what could have happened:

This project had great potential for the learners to use cameras, move into the community, capturing the essence of the community in photos. This could have been followed up by creating websites, discussion of the toipcs and creative writing. The community could have become more involved in the whole production and story-telling process.

Unfortunately the teacher missed these opportunites by asking a friend to take photos and setting up the website herself. Moral of the story: make it learner centred and involve the community in the learning


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