Module 5

Applying Word Processing


Module 5

Team List

As a teacher you are probably also a sport coach or you are in charge of a group of learners like a choir or a something similar. At times you will need to publish a list of names before a big event such as a soccer match or a choir performance. Have you or someone you know ever needed to publish a list on the school notice board? What did you use to write up this list? How could you use the computer to help write a list in future?

Plan It Plan It

Design a team list that you can print and use when you publish a list of names. Look at the following example:

Team List Example

Cllick here to open the example team list in a Word document.

Think about the following questions, and if working with a partner, discuss your ideas. Writing your ideas on a sheet of paper might be helpful.

  • What is the purpose of using a computer to write up a team list?
  • What are the advantages of having this team list saved on the computer?
  • How would you arrange the information on the page?
  • What would you add to the document so that it draws attention and inspires the learners?
  • What sort of picture might you add? Would it be appropriate?
  • Which words might you want to emphasise and how will you do that?

For help on how to do certain tasks, look at the following groups in the
Help Guide:

  • Word Processing Group 3: Changing the Look of Your Words
  • Word Processing Group 5: Adding Pictures to Your Pages
  • Word Processing Group 6: Designing Your Pages
  • Word Processing Group 7: Working With Tables

Do It Do It

  1. Start the word processing software.
  2. Type the name of the school on top.
  3. Type the name of the sport.
  4. Insert an appripriate picture
  5. Create a table with three  columns and in the first column type the header "Name"; in the second column type "Surname"; in the last column type "Position".
  6. Make the headings bold.
  7. Shade the cells in the top row of the table.
  8. Press the Tab key to move to the next row and type in the names until you have completed the list.
  9. Save your document.
  10. Print your document.


Review It Review It

Look over your team list. Make sure it has the following elements:

  • A title and a picture (if you have planned it this way)
  • The essential information that you planned to include
  • No spelling / typing errors
  • A table for the list

If any elements are missing, add them to the teamlist now. Remember to save your work when you have finished.

Share It Share It

Be prepared to discuss your answers to the following questions during
sharing time:

  • How do you wish to make a good impression with your team list?
  • For what other reasons might you develop similar documents?
  • What is your favourite part of the document you designed? Why?
  • Which of the computer skills that you learned today might you use again? For what types of tasks might you use those skills?

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