Module 5

Applying Word Processing


Module 5

Applying Word Processing

Description: The objective of this module is to have you apply your word processing skills to create one or more additional productivity tools that you can use in your classroom. You will also learn how to be a critical friend, showcase and share your work, view the work of others, and exchange ideas and practices.


Pair and Share: Reflecting on Module 4

Share your answers to the Take-Home Exercise: Reflecting on Module 4 with a
colleague and the whole group as directed. Record any new and good ideas on the lines that follow.

Exercise 1: Creating Word Processing Documents

Step 1

Learn more about the elective word processing activities:

In addition to some of the above learners may also use the word processor in some of the following ways:

Step 2

Determine which activity you want to do first. You can work alone to create a
productivity tool that is uniquely meaningful and relevant for you in your classroom, or you may collaborate with a colleague who shares a similar interest or need.

Step 3

Plan, do, review, and share the activity or activities as directed.

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