Module 4

Discovering Word Processing


Exercise 3: Typical Word Processing Documents

Step 1

To learn more about how word processing can support you as an educator consider this list of documents that educators would create in the line of their duties.

  • Creating worksheets
  • Setting test and exam papers
  • Developing assessment rubrics
  • Writing good news or disciplinary notes
  • Weekly lesson plan
  • Creating certificates
  • Designing concert programme
  • Publishing sport team lists
  • Writing letters to parents or sponsors
  • Drawing diagrams using lines and shapes
  • Creating newsletters

In addition to some of the above learners may also use the word processor in some of the following ways:

  • Writing and editing essays / reports
  • Completing learner support templates
  • Writing CVs

Step 2

What is one word processing document that you would like to learn how to create? In which skill groups might you begin looking to learn how to create that document?


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