Module 4

Discovering Word Processing


Module 4

Discovering Word Processing

Description: The objective of this module is for you to learn word processing as you explore word processing software, discuss word processing skills, and identify word processing resources. You will complete an activity that will require you to develop your word processing skills to create a product that will be useful in your role as a classroom teacher. The product you create may improve your productivity, and completing the activity will give you direct experience with 21st century teaching and learning skills and approaches.

Pair and Share: Reflecting on Module 3

Share your answers to the Take-Home Exercise: Reflecting on Module 3 with a colleague and the whole group as directed. Record any new and good ideas on the lines that follow.

Exercise 1: Using the Help Guide

The Getting Started approach to ICT literacy involves learning by doing. This means that, although your trainer sometimes shares information or knowledge with you, you are strongly encouraged to find answers to your questions. You will come to learn that problems can be solved by asking your colleagues for help. You can try and explore different features and resources on the computer. You can search for help online or in books. One such resource that can help you is the Intel® Education Help Guide. In this CD-ROM or web-based guide you can find step-by-step directions for how to complete certain skills.

The Help Guide is used to learn how to do certain tasks on the computer, much in the same way that dictionaries and encyclopedias are used as a reference at the time of need, rather than for reading cover-to-cover like a book.

Take a few minutes to review the Help Guide by browsing the technology areas in the left navigation pane. Write your answers to the following questions and be prepared to share as directed.

  1. How is the Help Guide different from other skill books, manuals, or tutorials that you have seen or used?

  2. What is one new skill that you are eager to try?

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