Module 3

Fostering Critical Thinking and Collaboration


Module 3

Fostering Critical Thinking and Collaboration

Description: Engaging learners in higher-order thinking and promoting collaboration are two key behaviours found in learner-centered, 21st century classrooms. The objective of this module is to have you understand how to cultivate higher-order thinking in learners, develop skills for promoting and facilitating collaboration, and become familiar with the structure of each activity—a four-step iterative cycle of plan, do, review, and share.

Pair and Share: Reflecting on Module 2

Share your answers to the Take-Home Exercise: Reflecting on Module 2 with a colleague and the whole group as directed. Record any new and good ideas on the lines that follow.

Exercise 1: Engaging in Higher-Order Thinking

Critical thinking is a key 21st century skill for learners. As a 21st century teacher, you must be knowledgeable about processes that help learners grow into good thinkers. Educational researchers have long recognized that there are types of thinking with different levels of complexity. Being familiar with these differences can help you become a more effective teacher. Using this knowledge, you can tap into many levels of thinking and help all learners learn how to think deeply about what they are learning.

Click here to read more about lower and higher order thinking

Top Discoveries and Inventions
This exercise explores the relationship between the type of questions teachers can ask and the level of thinking required by learners. In this exercise, you will use your newly acquired Internet skills to help you answer questions about the top discoveries and inventions within the last 100 years.

Open the handbook at Module 3 Exercise 1: Engaging in Higher-Order Thinking and complete this exercise.

During this course we will focus a lot on questions about the tools as you learn to use them. You will ask questions on how to use the ICT, but you also need to ask how this ICT can help your teaching.


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