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Michigan Department of Education

Proposed Addition to "Entry-Level Standards for Michigan Teachers"
Working Draft of a New Standard in the Area of Technology

7. An ability to use information technology to enhance learning and to enhance personal and professional productivity.

  • a. design, develop, and implement student learning activities that integrate information technology for a variety of student grouping strategies and diverse student populations.

  • b. identify and apply resources for staying current in applications of information technology in education.
  • c. demonstrate knowledge of uses of multi-media, hyper-media, telecommunications, and distance learning to support teaching/learning.
  • d. demonstrate knowledge about instructional management resources that assist in such activities as writing and updating curriculum; creating lesson plans and tests; and promoting, reinforcing, and organizing data regarding student performance.
  • e. use information technologies to support problem solving, data collection, information management, communications, presentations, and decision making including word processing, database management, spreadsheets, and graphic utilities.
  • f. demonstrate knowledge of equity, ethical, legal, social, physical, and psychological issues concerning use of information technology.
  • g. use information technology to enhance continuing professional development as an educator.
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Last updated: 21 April 2000