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Educator ICT Competencies

This page provides reference to a range of existing educator competencies for technology. These are provided in order to stimulate thought and discussion towards the formulation of similar competencies for a South African context. You are encouraged to express your opinions.

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Suggested competencies in the South African context
ICAA Competencies of this UK organisation's educator development programme are very much in line with the kind of unit standards one would like to see in this country.
ISTE Influential in Teacher Standards for Educational Technology in the USA and internationally -
National Educational Technology Standards
Mankato Scale Staff   IT competency scale (self-evaluation)
Alief Independent School District Focus on IT skills but with some reference to classroom integration
Michigan DoE

Proposed Addition to "Entry-Level Standards for Michigan Teachers". Working Draft of a New Standard in the Area of Technology

Jessamine County Comprehensive competencies with emphasis on the application of the tools.
ABE Massachusetts IT-skills orientated, but interesting approach
Bellingham School District Technology Standards for All Students
North Carolina Public Schools Comprehensive, expressed in terms of foundational and practical competencies
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