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Educator ICT Competencies for South Africa

The set of Educator ICT Competencies that has been collaboratively developed has been pruned, then extended into specific competencies. group5.JPG (14396 bytes)

Phil Webster (UK ICT Consultant) writes:

It strikes me that the UK programme, based as it is on curriculum outcomes, has a very particular focus. For a teacher to be able to judge when and when not to implement a lesson or learning experience based on
the use of ICT is perhaps the most critical of all outcomes. But in order to be in a position to make this judgement requires a combination of pedagogical and ICT skills. Hence I would suggest that any model must combine these two. This is why in addition to addressing the outcomes as prescribed by the government ICAA provides the European Computer Driving Licence as its skills training, integrated with examples of curriculum applications.The fundamental building block is the identification of objectives, and it is interesting that when I go into schools to do teacher training, they assume that the focus will be on skill acquisition rather than the appropriateness of application. Occasionally the messenger gets shot at!!
Ed Holcroft (IDRC) writes:

I believe the main competencies for teachers are:
1. Teachers as independent research professionals
2. Teachers as school-based curriculum developers

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