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for ICT

Alief Independent School District, Texas

Teacher Competencies

Basic Operations Go to tasks

1. Set up a computer
2. Modify computer settings
3. Close/resize/scroll windows
4. Task #1 Save to Hard Drive
5. Task #2 Retrieve from the Hard Drive
6. Task #3 Save to a Floppy Disk
7. Access and use on-line help
8. Multi-task (Work with more than one program at a time.)

Word Processing Go to tasks

1. Task #1 Edit a Document
2. Task #2 Create a Student Test
3. Task #3 Create a Newsletter
4. Task #4 Create Personal Stationery
5. Task #5 Create a Set of Directions

Spreadsheet Go to tasks

1. Task #1 Create a Spreadsheet
2. Task #2 Edit a Spreadsheet
3. Task #3 Interpret and Communicate Information

Database Go to tasks

1. Task #1 Create a Database
2. Task #2 Edit a Database
3. Task #3 Create and Print Labels

Multimedia Tools

1. Set up and operate each of the following multimedia tools:
  • CD ROM
  • Laser disc player and barcode scanner
  • Scanners
  • VCR
  • Projection Devices (Lite Pro or AverKey)
  • Digital Camera
  • Video Camera

2. Utilize video in/video out capabilities

Multimedia Applications

1. Create a linear presentation that includes 2 or more of the following:
  • Sound
  • Graphics
  • Text
  • Animation
  • Video Clips

2. Create a nonlinear presentation using text, audio, video, and graphics
3. Develop an evaluation instrument for student presentations


1. Task #1 Create a Map
2. Task #2 Create a Certificate or Stationery

Network Operations

1. Task #1 Work Online
2. Share files with others on a network
3. Select/deselect a network zone
4. Select a printer and find what you printed
5. Demonstrate knowledge, through practical application, of a local area network,
a wide area network, the internet, an intranet, access rights, security passwords, a
server and zones


1. Log on/Log off of e-mail
2. Use electronic mail to: compose, send, save to a folder, retrieve, read, respond, and
delete old mail
3. Connect to the Internet
4. Understand terminology and can compare LAN/WAN/Internet/Intranet
5. Access and use resources on the Internet
6. Make a bookmark

District Guidelines

1. Have a signed Acceptable Use Policy document on file, follow the guidelines, and
have no violations
2. Establish classroom policies and procedures that ensure compliance with copyright law,
fair-use guidelines, security, and child protection
3. Establish classroom policies and procedures that ensure equal access to media and
technology resources for all students

Classroom Integration Issues

1. Create a lesson that incorporates technology
2. Create a lesson that includes a variety of technology tools (Computer, laser disc,
calculator, video camera, scanner, etc.)
3. Create a lesson that incorporates the appropriate software programs for the objective
4. Develop an evaluation instrument that assesses the intended objectives for both the
content and technology skills
5. Create a Unit of Study that includes the appropriate technology tools, software
programs, and evaluation instrument


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