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Educator Development for ICT Framework


The following infrastructure is necessary to fully implement the educator development programme as recommended in this framework.


The technical help desk infrastructure being established at the moment could be used to provide help as educators grapple with initial exposure to ICT skills. The capacity of this desk is not known, but could be reviewed at regular intervals. Other means of support include web portals and mailing lists. Both could be responded to by help personal in their slack time, but could also be responded to in a collaborative way by whoever has the answer and the time.


The education managers of each major project will have to co-ordinate the development paths of the educators involved. This development will take place in the context of educational use of ICT. The nature of the training and the educational objectives are likely to overlap. The task of the education manager will involve narrow involvement with the educator development programme.

A co-ordinator of the trainer / mentor programme would have to be appointed. This person would have to

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An educational team consisting of

  1. Educational Initiatives Director
  2. education managers
  3. trainer / mentor co-ordinator
  4. educator development consultant

will be required to continually monitor the programme in terms of the success of its materials and modus operandi, and make the necessary adjustments.

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The training materials will be available on CD and on a web site, with revisions and latest updates being posted to a web site in the period between CD upgrades. Support and interaction will be conducted largely by e-mail, with telephonic and postal services being used as required. These are conventional technical requirements already catered for within the technical specifications of the projects.

A web portal will be required to do the following:

The most basic assumption that is being made pertaining to the success of the SchoolNet educator development programme is the existence of reliable technical infrastructure at the school involved. It is particularly important to ensure that the schools at all times have:


  1. There should be a help desk for support with basic applications and first level troubleshooting.
  2. Mentoring should form an integral part of the educator development programme.
  3. A co-ordinator of the SchoolNet educator development and mentoring programme should be appointed.
  4. An educational team should review and monitor the development of materials and the progress of the educator development programme.
  5. Included in this educational team should be a person with the skills to develop and maintain a web portal which should form the basis of the online distance learning courses offered by SchoolNet.
  6. Training and support of educators to perform network administration and first level maintenance must be thorough and well-supported.

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Last updated: 2 June 2000