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Educator Development for ICT Framework

Recommendation for Optional Module 9:

Course Name:

Integration of ICT with subject teaching

Duration/ Mode(s):


Face-to-face, collaborative (optional - 1 day)

Online collaborative (optional - approximately 3-4 weeks)

Prior learning:

Successful completion of outcomes for Course 2

Follow-up Support:

Technical Help Desk

Electronic Reference Resources (CD and online)

Collaborative team




By the end of the course the educators should be able to
  • Know when it is appropriate to use ICT in teaching and learning
  • Understand the role of ICT in learning in the context of computer literacy
  • Be aware of the criteria for the evaluation of curriculum-related software
  • Be aware of classroom management issues when using ICT in teaching and learning
  • Use continuous assessment techniques when ICT is being integrated with teaching and learning
  • Be aware of information and communications resources available to their subject
  • Be aware of credible software available for their subject.

Developing lesson modules

Developing content

Practical application in classroom

Reflection and formative assessment interaction with mentor






Course evaluation

No formal summative assessment

Continuous formative assessment with mentor

  • Portfolio of work, including pupil work
  • Electronic journal

Self-assessment of ICT skills

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Last updated: 20 May 2000