Educator Development for ICT's

Version 1
2 June 2000


Educational Foundation

Key Principles of Educator Development Programmes

SchoolNet Training Requirements
Training needs survey
    ICT Skills Training
    Integration of ICT
    Trainer / Mentor Preparation
    Summary of Training Requirements
The Role of Existing Materials

Flexible Delivery and Distance Education


The Distance Learning Process

Course Materials Development

Accreditation and Certification

Assessment and the Evaluation of the Impact if ICT

Recognition and Reward

Supporting Infrastructure




Appendix A - Recommendation for Course 1: Computer Literacy

Appendix B - Recommendation for Course 2: Computers in Education

Appendix C - Optional Modules

Learning Strategies for ICT: Questioning Skills
Learning Strategies for ICT: The Outcomes Approach
Learning Strategies for ICT: Thinking Skills
Learning Strategies for ICT: Classroom Management
Project-Based Learning
Information Skills
Using the WWW to Enhance Teaching and Learning
Integration of ICT with Subject Teaching

Appendix D - Recommendation for Training of Trainers / Mentors

Appendix E - Educator Competencies for ICT

Appendix F - The LoTi Framework (adapted)

Appendix G - Assessment of the E Cape Project according to performance indicators.

Appendix H - Submission to SGB for Educators in Schooling

Appendix I - ICT-Related Qualifications for Educators

Appendix J - Summary of Survey Results

Appendix L - Self-Assessment of Basic ICT Skills Regarded as Norms

Appendix M - A Quality Standards Framework for South African Distance Education Provision