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Educator Development for ICT Framework

The role of existing materials

Existing SchoolNet and WorLD training resources as described on the web site at SchoolNet's materials used for the Telkom 1000 Schools Internet Project training are currently being evaluated by SAIDE, but it is unlikely that they will be useful in that format, considering the recommendations of this framework. Both sets of existing training materials serve a specific purpose. Two day face-to-face training is clearly not sufficient and many of the educators who attended the Telkom training made the comment that there was too much to do and too little time. The requirements of an enhanced SchoolNet programme of educator development for ICT will require these materials to be adapted for online distance learning. The materials for the Introduction to Computers and Internet, course which were produced at the time of the Telkom 1000 School Internet Project attempted to cover a very basic introduction in two days. The period of training was insufficient and there is no post-training support other than the help desk. The resources on the CD are useful and could be adapted and incorporated into a variety of the materials for recommended courses.

The WorLD training materials are not SchoolNet property, but resources on the WorLD training CD could also be referenced in a variety of other courses, especially the courses on project -based learning and telecollaboration.

The Educator Development for Telecollaboration materials represent the offline pilot of the collaborative, reflective approach that is envisaged for the recommended programme. These 6 day-long workshops have been piloted a few times in abridged form and have proved to be absorbing and authentic for the educators who attended the courses. The second to sixth modules of these workshops are repeated in the optional modules of the new programme. The content of the first module will be covered in the face-to-face introductory course that precedes the optional modules. There is probably no need to make extensive changes to the content of these modules, but they should be supplemented with further resources. The structure would require adaptation in order to be used for online distance learning.


SchoolNet should use existing materials and adapt them for the new training modes wherever possible. However, considerable restructuring and supplementation will be required. Course development must be done collaboratively and remain open to the process of review and consultation.

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Last updated: 2 June 2000