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Educator Development for ICT Framework

Appendix D - Recommendation for Training of Trainers / Mentors

Course Name:

Training and Mentorship for SchoolNet Programmes

Duration/ Mode(s):

Face-to-face, collaborative (5 days)

Pre-requisite skills:

Proven ICT skills and use of sound teaching and learning strategies, classroom management skills - Trainees will be appointed after rigorous screening - portfolios, interview, class visitation, CV

Follow-up Support:

Telephonic with programme co-ordinator

Electronic Reference Resources (CD and online)

Collaborative activity online as part of team



By the end of the course the educators should
  • Understand the objectives of the SchoolNet educator development programme
  • Be familiar with issues of mentorship
  • Know how to use the various communication and collaboration tools available on SchoolNet programmes
  • Know how to facilitate asynchronous communication methods such as a mailing list and bulletin board
  • Know how to facilitate synchronous communication methods such as online chat
  • Use continuous, formative assessment techniques
  • Be aware of the approach to educational ICT that SchoolNet wishes to promote
  • Be aware of the theories of teaching and learning with ICT that SchoolNet wishes to encourage
  • Be familiar with the course content of the relevant modules.

Simulating training scenarios

Role play of mentoring and training situations

Aspects of the course could be streamed according to the modules that the trainee will be working with.


Internal, acknowledging status as trainer / mentor




Course evaluation

Continuous assessment of training programme

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Last updated: 20 May 2000