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The contributions of the members of the EDICT mailing list and individuals who have responded via the web site must be acknowledged. The support of the following people is also much appreciated:

Janet Thomson in reading the drafts, making insightful comments and helping to define options for recommendation.
Tessa Welch, for paving the way to dialogue with the National Standards Body for Education, Development and Training.

Members of the First and Second Consultative Workshops:

Alixe Lowenherz (WCED/WCSN)
Busi Ndawo(CETDE)
Bernoit Vidouse (CETDE)
Cathy Zandee (CETDE)
Denis Brandjes (SNSA)
Dominic Schofield (IDRC)
Ephraim Siluma (SAIDE)
Flip van Schalkwyk (WCED)
Gerald Roos (SNSA)
Janet Thomson (SchoolNet KZN)
John Gultig (SAIDE)
Nicky Roberts (SAIDE)
Ntutule Tshenye (SNSA)
Penny Busetto (WCSN)
Peter de Lisle (SchoolNet KZN)
Philemon Kotsokoane (SNSA)
Sandy Malapile (CETDE)
Shafika Isaacs (IDRC - Acacia)
Stephen Marquard (SNSA)
Trudy van Wyk (CETDE)
Vis Naidoo (CETDE)

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Last updated: 2 June 2000