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WebQuests (ICT Integration)

Interviewing Skills and Technique

You should use a variety of sources when researching a news story. Try the Internet, the library, and use an interview technique.

Interviewing sources or witnesses is an invaluable way to get first-hand information and news. Below are tips for conducting successful interviews:

  • Be prepared - research the subject or topic before the interview
  • Write at least 20 questions to ask the source
  • Make an appointment and arrive on time dressed appropriately
  • Remember to bring a pencil and paper
  • Introduce yourself, and say something about where the article about the interview will appear
  • Use good eye contact and speak clearly
  • Double check dates and correct spelling of names
  • Ask open-ended questions (minimize the number of questions that can be answered with a simple 'yes' or 'no') that allow the source to provide more information
  • Don't ask negative questions
  • Don't promise what will be printed
  • Have a note-taking system
  • Write only important details down
  • Use abbreviations
  • If you plan on taping the interview, ask the interviewee first!