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Peer Coaching

Effective Professional Development - Overview

What does effective school based professional development look like? What steps can you take to move toward this model? What resources will help provide strong professional development and assess its impact?

Session Overview

In Session 6, you:

  • Integrated the skills and knowledge gained during Sessions 1 through 5.
  • Shared some of the success and challenges you have faced as coaches, and used a protocol and a structured activity to help you share your successes and solve your challenges.

In Session 7, you will:

  • Collaborate with your principals to review time-tested, research-validated attributes of effective school-based professional development (SBPD) and apply what you learn to your school.
  • Begin developing an action plan for your school, centered on SBPD.
  • Explore professional development resources and use a protocol to help you measure the success of collaboration.

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