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Effective Professional Development - Explore School Professional Development

What are elements of effective professional development in a school?

Let's look at a school practising effective professional development and compare what we see to a matrix of school professional development.

In their article, "Building Professional Community in Schools" Kruse, Louis & Bryk discuss what makes effective school-based professional development. The matrix you are about to review was created using concepts discussed in this article. The matrix is not a rubric, but rather a list of elements of effective school-based professional development.

Part A: Review Standards and View Montview Video

  • Click here to open the School-Based Professional Development Matrix. We will review the headings to orient ourselves to its main elements.
  • Read each item under the heading "Collaboration."
  • Are there any comments about these items?
  • Form groups that include participants from two different schools and their principals.
  • Spend five to ten minutes reviewing the remainder of the School-Based Professional Development Matrix with your group. During the discussion, groups should identify two or three questions the items raise for professional development in their schools. Please save the last column for Activity 3: Apply Professional Development Matrix
  • View a video about an elementary school in Colorado that has been recognized for its professional development programme (Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning, 2000).
  • As you view the video, check off the items that have been put into practice at Montview using the second column of the handout entitled Seen in Video.

Montview Video is in a separate DVD

Part B: Discussion

  1. Discuss which competencies from the School-Based Professional Development Standards handout you saw practiced at Montview.
  2. What are one or two professional development practices from the video that you might be able to put into practice at your schools?
  3. Prepare to give a brief report of your group's discussion at the conclusion of this activity.

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