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Effective Professional Development - Apply School Professional Development Matrix

What are your school's current professional development activities? How do they compare to the matrix for school professional development? What are a few actions you can take in the next six months to implement some of the elements of the school professional development matrix at your school?

Every year, teachers, administrators, and support staff spend a significant amount of time on professional development. Which of these professional development activities produces the results your school wants? Are there steps you can take to make professional development more effective?

Part A: Reflection Exercise: Work through the exercise below with other members of your school team.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Reflection Exercise Scoring Guide handout.
  2. Use the last column of the School Professional Development Matrix handout to measure your school's progress in reaching higher standards for school professional development.
  3. As you complete this exercise, make sure you note which current professional development activities at your school are effective.

Part B: Planning to Improve Professional Development

  1. Use the Planning to Improve Professional Development: Action Plan Template handout.
  2. Your group should use the Action Plan Template to define two or three action items you can implement during the next six to nine months that would make professional development in your school more effective.

Part C: Sharing and Conclusion

  1. Your facilitator will ask your group to report on what's currently working and which action items you listed.
  2. Principals, complete the Session 7 Evaluation Form for Principals.

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