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Peer Coaching

Coaching in Practice (Self Study): Showcase Your Work

It is time to celebrate and share your work.

You will be presenting a showcase of your work during Session 7. Prepare a short showcase presentation.

Remember to share three things during the showcase:

  • The main features of each section of your lesson
  • What you consider to be the greatest strengths of your lesson and where you could use some help making continued improvements
  • As coaches, the learning you have gained through this collaborative lesson improvement process

Final Assignment

  1. Log in to the Canvas Peer Coach community and find the assignment called "Final Showcase" in the e-Learning 3 section.
  2. Submit your showcase presentation.
  3. Review the presentations of 2 other peers. You will be assigned presentations to review.
  4. Prepare to showcase this presentation at the final contact session.

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