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Peer Coaching

Coaching in Practice (Self Study): Explore Resources

What kinds of resources are on the Internet?

Browse the Internet to find resources to share with your collaborating teachers. Add some of the resources you find to your portfolio.

Getting Started

Explore the resources on the Internet for lesson improvement and categories such as:

  • Coaching Resources
    • Community Connections
    • Promising Practices
    • Professional Development
  • Learning Resources
    • Resource Websites
    • Questions and Thinking
    • Learning Strategies
    • Assessment
    • Copyright
    • Promising Practices
    • Search Strategies
  1. Explore and evaluate resources.
  2. When you find one that you would like to share, log in to the Canvas Peer Coach community.
  3. Start a conversation with the group or with selected persons who you know will be interested if it is a specialised resource.
  4. Share the link and give a brief review of the resource in your portfolio.

Add new resources you learned about that would be useful in your coaching to your portfolio.

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