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Peer Coaching

Coaching in Practice - Wows and Wonders

How can your colleagues be involved in your coaching work? How are your coaching experiences aligned with the coaching goals you set in previous sessions?

You completed and emailed your Session 5 Ongoing Collaboration Assignment prior to this training. We will use these descriptions in the next activity.

We will examine our coaching work in depth using a protocol called Wows and Wonders. As you collaborate, you might be asked to review lesson plans, scaffolding tools, and other written documents. This protocol is designed to help you gain understanding about your coaching work, to promote reflective practice, and to help you learn from each other. The protocol can be used in schools to examine learner work or educator practice.


Click here to open Wows and Wonders - Examining Our Work - the Wows and Wonders protocol

Getting Started

Wows and Wonders Goal: to gain understanding about our work and the context in which the work was created - and to understand how this work aligns with our coaching goals.

Looking for Wows and Wonder - Examining Our Work

  1. Watch a demonstration of the protocol process.
  2. Get into groups of four to six coaches.
  3. Use the Wows and Wonders protocol to go through the exercise.
  4. Use the copies of Ongoing Collaboration Assignment your facilitator will give to your group as the topic for your discussion.


  • What insight did you get about your coaching work from participating in the protocol?
  • What surprised you about the protocol?
  • In what ways could you use the protocol in the future?
  • Could you use this protocol with students?

Resources for Protocol Work

Protocols can be powerful tools for coaching groups of teachers. If you would like to use protocols with staff, first learn more about these tools.

» Looking at Student Work (online)

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