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Peer Coaching

Coaching in Practice - Present Your Improved Lesson

How does your improved lesson compare to the Learning Activity Checklist? How does your lesson reflect the lesson improvement process?

We are working to be a professional learning community. One dimension of such work is peer review and accountability. Our next activity reflects this type of work.

You are going to give each other guided tours of your improved lessons, explaining how you used the lesson improvement process to produce a lesson that:

  • Is practical
  • Is realistic
  • Incorporates the attributes of the Learning Activity Checklist

In this way you will be “defending” your lesson in the same sense that a lawyer presents a defense or that a doctoral student defends a dissertation before a panel of experts in the field.

Part A: Guided Tour

Two lesson improvement teams pair up:

  • Individual members of the two different teams form A/B partners.
  • Person A presents and “defends” their team's lesson, while Person B provides coaching feedback.
  • Partners switch roles and repeat, so that both lessons are presented and receive feedback.


  1. How did the Guided Tour and defense help you to improve your lesson?
  2. As a peer coach, how might you incorporate the lesson improvement process, sharing with colleagues, and gathering feedback into your work?

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