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Peer Coaching

Coaching in Practice - Overview

What is the focus of Session 5? What successes and challenges have you faced in coaching?

In previous sessions, you:

  • Collaborated to improve a lesson so that it includes strong connections to standards, involves an authentic and engaging problem-based task, and uses ICT to improve teaching and learning.
  • Demonstrated effective coaching skills to promote professional collaboration for improvement of instruction.

During Session 5, participants will:

  • Present and defend your lesson
  • Exlore wows and wonders
  • Identify and attempt to resolve coaching roadblocks
Coaching Cycle

Part D: Connecting

  1. Review the Coaching Cycle. How do your coaching activities at school and the Session 4 Activities relate to the Coaching Cycle?
  2. In groups of 4-5, discuss coaching successes and challenges:
    • Participants each share a success or challenge.
    • Groups summarize their conversations.

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