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Coaching in Practice - Coaching Roadblocks

What issues or problems are you encountering in your schools that are roadblocks to coaching?

Coaching can be rewarding and difficult. You might encounter multiple roadblocks to your coaching programmes. It will be helpful to know some strategies to analyze a problem.

In this activity, you will:

  • Learn how one coach used problem analysis to find a solution to a common coaching roadblock, “lack of time.”
  • Identify and analyze your own coaching roadblock.
  • Post a summary of your analysis to the Discussion Board, asking your colleagues for ideas or possible solutions.

Between Session 5 and 7, you will continue to analyze and then attempt to resolve your roadblock.

Part A: Review the Sample Coaching Roadblock

  1. Open the Sample Coaching Roadblocks handout.
  2. Review the steps for analyzing a problem.
  3. Review the analysis of the coaching roadblock, “time.”

Part B: Analyze Your Own Coaching Roadblock

  1. Identify some common roadblocks that are within your control. Possible topics might include time, support, or resources.
  2. Form groups of two to four participants based on a topic you would like to analyze.
  3. Use the Coaching Roadblocks handout to analyze your coaching roadblock with your group.

Part C: Identify Possible Solutions

  1. In your groups, identify possible solutions to your roadblock.
  2. If you have enough information, identify a solution.
  3. Between sessions, take action to improve your roadblock situation.
  4. Post a summary of your efforts to the blog prior to Session 7 as part of your Ongoing Collaboration Assignment.

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